There always is a first time

Now I was reading blogs on ballet beginners the whole afternoon and finally decided to start my own blog. I had been wanting to for a while – to write about paintings, photographs, ballet pieces and other things I like, and why not just combine my new hobby, ballet, and my work, in an art gallery?

My first thought when I was thinking on the “About Me” page was that I define myself as an adult beginner in ballet, and as an art historian by profession. But wasn’t I just as well an adult beginner in art history once as I am one in ballet now? I only started going to museums and exhibitions and galleries when at university, and still I developed into a professional.

Have you ever heard about the mystical 10,000 hours? I read it in one of the books by Malcom Gladwell, and then we learned about this theory in one of my MBA classes too: It needs at least 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become an expert in something. Now, dedicated practice means that you have to focus on your weaknesses and really work hard, not just superficially expose yourself to something.

If this is the case, and I continue to take another 2-3 classes of ballet per week, then chances are that I m i g h t be something like an expert in … (3 hours per week is 156 hours per year, and 10,000 divided by 156 is 64) 64 years!!! So basically never, as by then, I will be very close to my 100th year of living.

Well, let’s hope I will have some interesting, funny and trivial experiences to share until then!


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