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I just did a little research on the word “gallerina” and I was shocked to see that it seems to have been first used in “Sex and the City”. I hate this series, and even though Sarah Jessica Parker makes the introduction to the “New York City Ballet Workout I”, I can’t stand her. I never quite got how such an unrealistic narrative on fairly traditional women (after all, they are all just looking for Mr. Right) could have become so successful. I have friend who love it, and I let them love it, but – I just don’t.

End of digression.

Gallerina – what do I understand when I use this word and why do I use it for myself?

I like the definition that gallerinas are (mostly) young women “hilariously overqualified and ridiculously underpaid” (this is not my definition, I read it somewhere but can’t trace it back right now). Basically, all kinds of gallery assistants can be called “gallerina”, no matter what exactly their role in the gallery. I guess every gallery in the world has one or two of them.

I am a gallerina because I have a gallery assistant job. I am a gallerina because I studied art history and am still fascinated by art. I am not a gallerina in the pejorative meaning of the word, as I am not slim as a cigarette, not dressed in latest fashion or the latest individualistic style, not overly confident, and certainly not arrogant.

I like the word gallerina, which is why I use it for myself. A ballerina is someone who works hard, who is determined, disciplined, elegant, gracious, and idealistic. I bet that 90% of all gallerinas fit this description pretty well; otherwise, they would have never gone through years of studying art history and taken on a job in a gallery.

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