Inspired by my newly discovered blog-reading, yesterday on my way back from ballet class, I took notes of the corrections that the teacher had given me during class. Luckily enough, I have two hours of commute each morning and each night and a smartphone, so I just took down notes in the phone and will be able to check them before the next class.


We just had one hour of class, what is called “basic ballet”, and we did several exercises twice, so we didn’t have the time to do fondues, grand battements, and others. Still, or because of that, the list of corrections is long:


–       General: hide your popo and your tummy; use the tummy muscles

–       Arms: make your arms longer, put them lower than your chest, people want to see the beautiful tutu decollete

–       Plie: go lower into the plie and come up using your inner thigh muscles, don’t cheat

–       Always stretch your knees thoroughly when the leg is stretched; that makes you look taller

–       Turnout from the hips; open the knees; practice your turnout; I know it is hard

–       Point your toes

–       Relax your ankles when jumping; go into a deeper plie when landing

–       Don’t use your mouth to turn, i.e. don’t grin when turning, use your head


I am guessing these are corrections that I will be told for over and over again. It seems like such a lot of things to think about and that I have so many deficiencies. But I will work hard to get better.


These are some of the blogs that I have been reading over the last few weeks:




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