And it is March

Okay, so it seems I am not the most regular blogger. Do you know that feeling that, the less work you have, the lazier you get? I hate this, so I need a job that gives me a more constant flow of tasks.

But let’s talk about ballet: My three classes per week seem to pay off: I feel that I am making slow, slow, slow progress. Recently, I actually managed to do my very first en dehors pirouette starting from fourth position that could actually be called a pirouette. Of course, the next ten ones were bad again… 😉

It seems so frustrating sometimes: I need to focus on the height of my ankle, make sure my legs are turned out, work the core, relax the shoulders (very difficult for me), use strong arms, and use the head to spot. And those are just the few things I try to control in a turn. By the time I thought them all through, I have already landed on the wrong foot or in the wrong direction. Well, I guess my body will have to get used to it just so much more.


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