A Glimpse into a Ballerina’s Lifes

Yesterday, during my advanced class in a brand new studio, our teacher, a refined and fun Japanese woman, was joking around. She was very happy with the new studio, it seemed, and in a playful mood.

So she was telling us that a photographer would come to class, and some of the girls knew him already. She said: “Of course, he was a former Principal Dancer… and my boyfriend.” And then she added this little chuckle.

And I thought: Oh, that is interesting. I don’t know anything about her private life, how it must have been to live outside of her home country for so many years (she was a Principal Dancer and has been running a studio in Hong Kong for a long time), and then I thought that there you have the cliche: Professional dancers hook up with professional dancers. I guess that doesn’t happen more often than an IT guy hooking up with an IT gal, and falling in love at the work place is very, very common, but in this case of two dancers, I was more astonished, or better, I took more notice.

As a nosey person, it would be interesting for me, though, to learn more about how a relationship can work in a ballet company. Dancers spend hours and hours and hours at their work place, more than many of us, and “spare time” is not something they are experts in, so I guess it must be difficult at times. I don’t mean more difficult than any other relationship between two busy people, just more “magically difficult”, as there is this aura of magic over everything ballet to me, even a relationship between ballerina and ballerino.

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