Yes, now that you are telling me…

After several month of just quietly enjoying my latest pleasure and the improvement in mental and physical health that my ballet classes have been bringing with them (my husband knew, but none of my friends, I just felt to embarrassed to tell anyone that the elephant that I am is actually trying on ballet), I started talking about it.

First, I told my friend who used to do gymnastics as a child. We were sitting outside, having a beer and talking about what we always wanted in life and what we are doing. Turns out we both always wanted to be a fashion designer (you just guessed that, right? ;-)). Anyway, I told her I started ballet a few months ago, and she said: “Well, yes, actually, you seem quite the ballet dancer, your body and attitude.” I was staggered. Never had I thought anyone could say something like that to me.

Then, a few days ago, I had to leave a friendly chat with one of my acquaintances from Beijing (and now we are both in Hong Kong) because I had to hurry to ballet class. So I told her, and she was: “Yes, now that you are telling me, you actually have something of a ballet dancer in you… the third position or so…” Again, pure amazement on my side.

Well, thanks to both to telling me. I took it as a compliment both times, and maybe I just start to believe it….


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