Jiang Jie’s Works on Ballet

I made another discovery flipping through a magazine at work today. Chinese artist Jiang Jie is going to have an exhibition called “March Forward! March Forward!” at PIN Gallery in 798 Art District Beijing. Their website seems to be a little out of date, but the ad features a photograph of older and middle-aged Chinese women at a barre. Except for the fact that they are wearing pointe shoes, they kind of remind me of my adult beginner classes.

Here is a photo.

And the images on the website (number 2 and 3) on the home-page of the website show a cone-shaped sculpture made totally out of old pointe shoes.

The title “March Forward! March Forward!” reminds me of the “Long March” that took place in 1934-35 and that helped Mao Zedong ascending to power, while at the same time bringing huge trouble and hard times to the Chinese people. Judging from other works of the artist, she seems to be interested in Chinese history, architecture, and issues such as family planning and the status of women in society.

Here is an older sculpture by her, a ballerina entitled “Ballet”.

Jiang Jie Ballet

I have written to the gallery for more information and will keep this post updated. UPDATE: The gallery unfortunately only sent me a short bio on the artist and an image of one of the pieces. But they will be at Art HK and I will visit their booth there to talk to them.


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