Because of a visit of two of my oldest friends from back home, I had to miss three of my ballet classes. (Three, that is a whole week of ballet, and it was hard for me. But having my friends here and showing them around paid up for it.) Then the Monday class didn’t happen because the teacher wasn’t here. So, Wednesday, I finally went back to ballet after 10 days of doing nothing.

Wednesday is the most basic beginner class, and I actually felt that I have made some progress in my technique. You know how you sometimes need to have some spatial or time distance to see these things? Anyway, so I noticed I was better than I used to be, which was a great feeling.

Shortly before the end of the class, our teacher asked: By the way, what do you think about performing? One other girl and I were nodding enthusiastically, while the Japanese girls were very shy, and were avoiding any response. One of them finally indicated a No with her head, and the other one a Yes. So the teacher decided that we will participate in the school performance in November.

I told my colleagues at work about this, and they asked: “What, you want to perform?” ***astonishment***. Well, it isn’t that I am very keen on showing myself half-naked in front of other grown-up people, displaying all my “problem zones” and aging body that no one ever sees, although they will mostly just be the parents of the small ballerina girls, it is more the challenge of learning a choreography, the excitement of a costume, and the intensity of training and progress that I am looking forward to. And looking forward to, I am…

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