Visitors from Far Away

I had to work on a Sunday recently: The gallery was open, staff rare, and people coming to the current show numerous. I don’t mind working on Sundays – everyone seems to be a bit more relaxed, traffic on my long way to and from work is lighter, and I get to do stuff in my “pending” box that I don’t get to do when everyone else is here.

There was a beautiful elder couple coming to the gallery. She had this gracious body, beautiful blue eyes, and that natural white tone of hair that I am hoping I will get when I grow white. It isn’t grey, it’s white, and a color with a very cool undertone, so it looks great if you wear blue clothes. I don’t remember his looks, but he was one of those persons that you like whenever you first lay eyes on them. They had a look at the photographs, then they flipped through the books, and then finally we started chatting a little bit. It turned out they were from Toronto, which they thought was quite a boring but very livable city, and they had just finished a tour of China. We chatted a bit about China and Toronto, and about the photographs in the books. And we went through this book about a project Annie Leibovitz had taken in the early 1990s: The White Oak Dance Project.

It turned out they knew so much about these dancers, about other companies, and the we went on talking about Pina Bausch, Wim Wenders’ movie on her, how her company is so extraordinary, and how old dancers are so stunning and beautiful. It was such a nice chat, and I enjoyed it enormously.

When they left the gallery, my colleague pointed me to the color of the nail polish on the lady’s feet: It such a nice, lively, unforgettable blue!


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