Anticipation to watch three ballet performances within two weeks

Hong Kong is a country bare of ballet performances of a certain standard. There is the Hong Kong Ballet, of course, but the quality of their dancers is questionable, in the opinion of some experts. I have only seen their Nutcracker so far, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was the first time I ever saw the Nutcracker, and the first time I ever saw the Hong Kong Ballet, so I wouldn’t dare to take an opinion already.

All three of my ballet teachers used to dance for the company, and they all are good teachers, so I guess it can’t be that bad. But, I am just a layman and not really in a position to judge.

Anyway, every now and then, there are guest performances of ballet companies, and for this year’s French May, the Ballet of the Opera Nationale in Bordeaux is giving two performances: “In the Steps of Petipa”, and “4 Tendances”. After some deliberation, I have decadently booked myself tickets for both of these performances – I was in the spirit of “learning by seeing” and decided that I need to grasp every single opportunity to watch performances that I have. So, here I am, looking forward to the dancers from Bordeaux.

It was a bit of a struggle to get the tickets, as, when I finally decided to buy, the booking website was down, and the phone wasn’t answered for more than a day. I tried every half hour, and became more and more nervous with every hour – who knows how many people decide to buy tickets right at the same time I do?

But that is not enough: I also have tickets for “Giselle” at the end of May. I am going with the same friend I went to see the Nutcracker with, which was a fun evening, so I am very much looking forward to this.

So my ballet watching schedule is:

May 26: Giselle

June 7: In the Steps of Petipa

June 9: 4 Tendances

Isn’t that great?!

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