Fun night at the ballet

Now, I hadn’t mentioned the upcoming attendance of this performance yesterday, because, to be very frank, I hadn’t thought about this as a ballet – more of a fun performance. But I was impressed and proven sooooo wrong… I guess sometimes it would be worth to read up beforehand.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

These 14 men were dancing en pointe, every single one of them! When the first one went en pointe, I was just sitting there with an open mouth. They were dancing en pointe for almost two hours, with jumps and turns and everything, and I am sure that all the comic scenes make it even harder to dance.

I don’t think that it is funny already just to see a man dressed up in a tutu and wearing make-up like a woman, and some of the funny gestures were maybe repeated a little bit too often for my taste, but all in all, I was impressed by their technique and skills, and by how they easily succeeded in getting the audience all hot for them.

And I guess I have an additional word for my blog now: mallerina.


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