The B-Problem

I just read about one of the questions that I certainly think about every day that I dance: What to do with your boobs? What kind of bra to wear? I have spent a lot of time and money solving this puzzle, until I finally found a very simple solution.

I’ve had two problems with my regular-sized boobs (C-cup): 1) Leotards are made for girls without boobs. Leotards fit me perfectly around waist and hip, but are too small at the chest, and the support layer mostly is just in the wrong place, so it just looks bad. 2) I don’t like visible bra straps or sports bras under my leotard, that disturbs my sense of aesthetics.

So in the beginning, I just wore my regular bras under the leotard and covered the leotard with one of those warm-up shrugs that was long enough to cover the bra line. This is an OK solution, but what if I want to show my back?

Then, I bought a bra with clear back strap and wore this several times, but this is still against my aesthetic principles. Although the strap is clear, you can still see very easily that it is there, and it felt akward.

Thirdly, I bought two ballet bras sold for a lot of money in specialized stores. I purposely bought two different brands and cuts, hoping that I would find the perfect solution. They just sucked. No support, they didn’t fit under any leo, no matter what style or brand, and what they call “nude” is just the ugliest brown I have ever seen.

One day, I had forgotten my bra at home, so I just went without. This was the first time that I entered public realm without a bra since I had an operation a few years ago and had to go bra-less for two weeks. I felt very embarrassed, especially as my boobs are way bigger than those of any of the other students, and I am the only European in class anyway. But it went fine. The barre, center, the couple of combinations we do, no problem at all. When the jumps came I got a little more nervous, but this went well, too. I tried a second class without, and then a third, and now I always go without a bra. All of my leos are double-layered in the front, and that gives me just enough support, and I am finally comfortable.

Nevertheless am I looking forward to Misty Copeland’s designs, who promised to make leotards for bigger boobs, and – even more – to the Bombshell by Valawear. I have written to them a few weeks ago, and they told me they would have some new Bombshells ready in a few months – I will definitely be among the first ones to buy.

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