Slightly Off Topic

I have recently discovered a new love to nail polish. Well, I guess I’ve always had it, I just never gave in to it, as my nails are extremely fragile and very weak. However, I have decided that I want to have nice nails and that I will take good care of them, so that I can wear all these beautiful colors I always see in stores.

Now, I am a person in love with words, so I kind of only like a nail polish when it has a nice name, too. It is the same with other products, like cosmetics, bicycles, bags, shoes, whatever. When the product has a nice name, I like it. When I like the content but not the name, I would never buy the product. And, as you know, nail polishes all have nice names. Brands like OPI, Essie, and others are hiring good people to come up with catchy, funny, and inspiring names. I know that is is part of their marketing, and that is one of the ways how they get people to buy their product at a premium price (this is to all the pragmatic men and other name-sceptics in my life), but, what can I say? It works with me.

So when I read about OPI’s New York City Ballet Collection, and at the same time found a small shop retailing nail polishes at half the price you normally pay here, I had to go and see them. You can guess the outcome: I bought them all.  Six bottles of beautiful nail lacquers just for me, the aspiring ballerina.

I put on “Pirouette My Whistle” on top of my dark red toe color, and just loved the sparkle. And yesterday, in preparation for a big event tonight, I worked my way through “Care to Danse?” for my hands. Bad polisher that I am, it took me almost hours to get a nice result, but I love it. This lilac matches with the cool undertone of my skin very well, and I feel like a ballerina at heart.

Oh, and on topic, I did a row of nice pique turns at class yesterday. Eight of them, and the last three, I would say, felt actually quite good.

Here’s a screen shot of the site:

Chanel has a nail color called “Ballerina”. I am sure I will have to have a closer look at this next time I come closer to a Chanel counter.

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