Lesson from the Trockaderos

So, on Monday after the Trockadero performance, our teacher asked who had seen it, and two of us raised their hands.

The teacher said she had seen them several times and thought them boring now. She had just seen enough of them. Fair enough, I can understand that.

And then she said that we can learn from them how important it is to have a compact core, to have your belly muscles all working, the back muscles all helping the spine to stretch, and the tailbone tucked in. Great, I thought, this is exactly addressing one of my deficiencies. (One of the many of them; in fact, I think I learned all about every single one I have in ballet, but that’s a topic for another post.)

If she asks next Monday, who has seen Giselle, I am sure that many more will raise their hands, and I am wondering what we will be able to learn from that performance…

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