Teacher’s Wisdom: Ballet Is Like Origami

Yesterday’s class was not only big fun during the stretches because everyone was gossiping about THE Chinese dancer (I will come back to that in another post), but also, once more, very, very instructive.

At one point of the barre work, our teacher got a towel and said: “You do know Origami, don’t you?” And she folded the towel: “You have to be very precise, only then you can make a beautiful thing.” She folded once, twice, three times, very precisely. Then she started again: “If you don’t do it properly, there will never be something nice.” And folded the towel three times just randomly. “This is just like ballet: You have to be precise in your positions, place your feet at the exact spots, only then it can be beautiful.”

Wow, what a strong image!

Just because Origami is so nice, and one can do so many pretty things with it, here is a link with wonderful things: Origami on Etsy.

And some self-made origami art by my colleagues:


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