My Plie

It is Wednesday, 7pm, we start class with plies. As I have done in all my classes for a few months now, on average two to three times a week. I am not concentrating too much, am still thinking about my life-changing decision that has been haunting me for weeks.

After the first round, my teacher stops the music and I think: “What is going on now?” She comes to me, saying: “No, no”, bending my thighs and pelvis. “If you go down for plie, you don’t move your pelvis, you only move your knees. Extend your knees. Use your inner thigh muscles.” I do some more plies, she holds on to my pelvis, I am trying hard not to move anything but my knees, but I don’t fully understand what she is talking about.

I do some more until she finally says: “Yes, that’s it. From the knees, not from the tailbone.” I do feel a different muscle working, but I am still not sure how to hold my body to do them perfectly, so I am glad when she continues with the class.

During class, whenever I have time, I do some plies and try to feel what she told me. To be honest, I am not thoroughly in the know yet. The teacher has another class right after ours, so there is no time to ask her, but I will ask my Friday teacher tomorrow.

After all, I now feel that I know why my thighs seemed to be getting bulkier with ballet: I just did my plies wrong…

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One comment on “My Plie

  1. When you plie, try to like, tuck your bum muscles in under yourself (you should do this all the time, but it will help hold your pelvis in place as you’re moving around). Keep your turnout though, and also pull your tummy muscles in, so that everything is in a line – shoulders directly over hips, directly over toes. Does that make sense? Hopefully!!

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