There is Light

A few weeks ago, when it was raining heavily after ballet class, and one of my fellow classmates was nice enough to share her umbrella with me on the way to the MTR, we chatted. About ballet, of course. She is an adult beginner, too, but more advanced than I am.

“It really helps you feel better, too”, she said, and I said: “Yes, that is true. I can feel that already although I am not progressing in dancing a lot.” And then she said: “Well, after six months, you will really feel that something is changing in your dancing, and your body.”

I felt bad when she said that, as I had been taking ballet lessons for more than six months already. But I have been thinking about it a lot.

And then came yesterday.

My Wednesday class is the most basic beginner class I take. The teacher makes us do easy moves and focuses a lot on the right technique. Yesterday, with the new month, came a new grade. She said we are doing Grade 5 stuff now. Which means that we added some arm movement and some turns to the basic plies and battements glisses, and we did frappes for the first time.

Although the barre exercises were new, I could follow them easily, and I managed to do some of them without a single mistake. That was fun, I’m telling you. It felt differently, more successful, more ballerina-like. Also, after class, my body felt differently. The sore muscles of my inner thighs tell me that I did the plies right, which I am very happy about.

Maybe that is what my classmate was talking about?

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One comment on “There is Light

  1. Well done 🙂 You don’t notice the changes straight away because they come slowly, and then suddenly you don’t struggle so much, and your body feels different. Sounds like you’re making progress!

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