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It’s Been Too Long

First ballet class after a few weeks: new city, new classmates, new teacher. Not so good experience because it didn’t go quite as well as it had been going in previous classes.
The teacher was very nice and welcomed me to her class and even remembered my name after the first 10 minutes. She did the same class she had done before the school holidays, and most of the girls kind of knew what they were supposed to do. I was a little lost because I wasn’t used to the combinations of pliés and piqués and arms that they did, so I was struggling a bit. When we came to the jumps, I had some problems with my knees as the floor didn’t seem to be elastic at all.
All in all, I didn’t really feel comfortable, although I would say I am in the middle of the experience and skill range. It seems I have lost a lot by not attending any class in just a few weeks.
After the class I spoke to the teacher and she told me I was very welcome to come regularly, and so I will do…

Finding Home in a New City

One of the reasons why I haven’t been writing on the blog for a while was that I had to find a new job, which is a frustrating and tiresome experience. I was writing and sending out resumes and motivation letters to every one who wasn’t interested in reading them and then traveling to a few rare opportunities of meeting with a potential hirer until I finally found a job in – once again – a new country and a new city. This took a lot of my time, and sometimes of my mood, I tell you.


Then, something totally unthinkable in the Asian part of the world, ballet schools close over summer for a few weeks because every one is on holidays. Some of them do have a summer program, but limited options of taking class, so I ended up not taking classes for around four weeks now.


But, as of today, I am officially back to being a ballerina and a gallerina again. My first class of ballet in the new city is taking part tonight, and I started my new gallerina job a few days ago. The job started very well, and I am so much looking forward to taking baby steps towards ballet again. I am sure it is going to be difficult today, after such a long break, but I am keen on giving my very best.
And I am sure this is going to be the best way to make me feel at home in this new town of mine.