Finding Home in a New City

One of the reasons why I haven’t been writing on the blog for a while was that I had to find a new job, which is a frustrating and tiresome experience. I was writing and sending out resumes and motivation letters to every one who wasn’t interested in reading them and then traveling to a few rare opportunities of meeting with a potential hirer until I finally found a job in – once again – a new country and a new city. This took a lot of my time, and sometimes of my mood, I tell you.


Then, something totally unthinkable in the Asian part of the world, ballet schools close over summer for a few weeks because every one is on holidays. Some of them do have a summer program, but limited options of taking class, so I ended up not taking classes for around four weeks now.


But, as of today, I am officially back to being a ballerina and a gallerina again. My first class of ballet in the new city is taking part tonight, and I started my new gallerina job a few days ago. The job started very well, and I am so much looking forward to taking baby steps towards ballet again. I am sure it is going to be difficult today, after such a long break, but I am keen on giving my very best.
And I am sure this is going to be the best way to make me feel at home in this new town of mine.


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