New city, new dance classes. Good ones. My first class with a male teacher. A good one.

The level of the class is rated as „M“, which means intermediate, and is defined by the school as 1.5-2 years of regular dance experience. I don’t have that much, but I still registered for the class because (a) it fitted my schedule, (b) I like a challenge to learn more faster and (c) becaus I actually thought six months of four hours of dancing a week might be 18 months of dancing one hour per week.


However, I still felt a little nervous whether I would fit the class or be the obvious worst student, a feeling I hate. I came in a little lower than the average level, so I felt fine, and when I asked the teacher after class, he told me I was very welcome to come back again.


The teacher said we would do some easier stuff after the long break, and we did really nice combinations of pliés, piqués, fondues, and so on, that were new to me, but felt very comfortable to me. We spent quite some time at the barre and only left it for the center for the last third of class, when we did some small sequences. Although I made some obvious mistakes, I felt really fitting into the class and enjoyed it a lot.


The teacher explained everything very patiently, and he corrected some of us and sometimes all of us when he spotted mistakes, in a nice and friendly way.


It was just great to be back to the studio, with tights and slippers on and practising my skills.

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