Banksy Tattooes

So, I am a little ashamed to say this, but I didn’t know until today that you could have an artwork tattooed on your body – I mean, of course you can, maybe I just never thought about it. And when doing some research for a gallery project today, I found a lot of images of people who have a work by Banksy tattooed on one or the other location on their body. Interesting. I like it, I think. I am not so sure yet. Shouldn’t a tattoo be something unique? Something that you create yourself and that is just your own message? I always thought this is how a tattoo nowadays should work. But then, so many people have ubiquitous motives, the same old roses and tribals and stars and whatnot, so I guess there must also be other reasons for getting a tattoo.

Now, Banksy’s images seem to be perfect for tattooing. As most of them originally were graffitis, they are easy to be drawn quickly, have a message, and are strong images. Also, they are kind of cute of violent, depending on the topic, and I think this makes them easily transformable into tattoos.

Yes, I think I like the idea.

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