So, tonight, finally, I am going back to ballet class.

Due to financial problems, I had to skip taking ballet classes for the spring term. This was a harsh cut from three hours of ballet, one and a half hour of modern dance, and one and a half hours of floor barre to – zero. No ballet, no dancing, no nothing. I tried to do some ballet exercises with my DVDs at home, but I hardly ever got the discipline to really do it for longer than just 30 minutes, or for longer than two days in a row. You can imagine what my body looks like…

Anyway, I am back to a little more money, and back to one and a half hours of ballet per week, starting from today. It is the same class that I had taken before my cut. I love the teacher, the time slot, the conditions, I love it all.

But I am so scared to go there today because I know that I will suck. It will be hard to do the pliés, I will not be flexible at all, and everyone will think: Why the hell is she here? I will have to go through that because I know that I can do the class. I will have to be strong tonight and give all I can.

And I am just so happy to be back again, too.

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One comment on “Nervous

  1. RO says:

    So great that you’re back at ballet again!! You’ll do fine, don’t worry 🙂

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